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Workshops on the Art of Alpine Skiing are available to anyone wishing to improve their skiing, no matter what their level of experience. Workshops include all instruction, but do not include the cost of travel or equipment (bring your own or rent on site) and may not include the cost of accommodations.  Students are expected to have had at least some private Alexander Technique lessons from a qualified teacher prior to attending a ski workshop.  At residential ski workshops, Alexander Technique lessons are also given before and after each day on the slopes.  During ski hours, students get semi-private or group ski lessons in the Art of Alpine Skiing.  When not taking lessons, they are encouraged to ski together in small groups, and to get help from ski assistants.  For information about upcoming workshops, click here.  


   ...the ski course was simply superb...I learned things that have stayed with me in my everyday life. I have skied through my living room, and have turned head first toward the refrigerator to get some milk. Then I continued on, turning my head anew into the next curve toward the shelves to get down a coffee cup. Ive been moving wonderfully around my central axis and feeling simply light and free...

~Marianne B.~