Art of Alpine Skiing
What is the Art of Alpine Skiing?
Alexander Technique
Ski Safety

The Art of Alpine Skiing applies principles of the Alexander Technique to learning how to ski.  Its aim is to build confidence and ease into every action of skiing, progressing step by step through:


carrying and putting on ski equipment


exploring ski movements on level snow


using lifts and waiting time


using gravity, not fighting it when you ski

Unlike conventional ski instruction, which focuses mainly on what to do with your legs and feet, the Art of Alpine Skiing focuses mainly on how you balance in response to moving downhill. Security is found in the dynamic stability of the back as it follows the head and senses, not in fixed leg positions such as snowplow. Pressure and focus lighten up off the legs, and this helps them move more freely.  Panic and stiffness gradually subside, and you learn instead how to stay calm and mobile on your way down mountain slopes.  Any skier from novice to expert can use this process to find more grace and ease and control.  This dynamic ease that is learned often carries over into everyday life.