Art of Alpine Skiing
Alexander Technique
Ski Safety
Safety Rules and Guidelines

 Alpine skiing is an act of sustained gliding fall. What makes this safe (besides good safety equipment) is the skier’s ability to respond to such fall without stiffening.  This ability is the core skill taught by the Art of Alpine Skiing.  It reduces chances of accidents while teaching tools for recovery from accidents that have already happened.  Skiers are taught how to use gravity rather than fight it, how to fall safely and get up easily, and how to accept and handle their natural fears.  Of course the staff of Art of Alpine Skiing cannot warranty that students will learn what is taught or that accidents won’t happen.  But they can and do teach safety skills, and they abide by an extended version of the safety rules of the International Skiing Federation.


                          picture:  helping a student get back up on his skis


“I was feeling almost no anxiety about falling. Instead I could enjoy the sensation

of gliding, and the scent of the snow....I feel both vulnerable and safe. 

Skiing is a great, fun way to experience this.”

~Beverly W.~