Art of Alpine Skiing
What is the Art of Alpine Skiing?
Alexander Technique
Ski Safety

I can ski the field with more relaxation and control, I look more graceful and organized, and I feel much better at the end of the day.

~Sheri A.~


Art of Alpine Skiing Principles:

Allow your head to balance freely atop your spine.

Let your head and senses lead the way.

Allow your neck and back to follow the lead of your head.

Let your center of gravity keep falling ahead of your feet as you ski.

Give your elbows room to move.

Reach with your hands ahead of your feet, just as you would in crawling.

Let your pelvis hang quietly and be independent of your legs.

Allow your torso to twist before your legs do.

Let your hip joints flex before your back does.

Let your knees release forward to fold and unfold; do not brace them in a position.

Allow your heels to rest on your skis.

Allow your feet and toes to soften and spread.

Let gravity do most of the work of skiing while you mainly steer.

Breathe. Take your time.  Use your space.