Art of Alpine Skiing
What is the Art of Alpine Skiing?
Alexander Technique
Ski Safety

“...thank you for an inspiring week!  I particularly liked the fullness and the simplicity of Erik’s ski program and how everything ‘clicked into place’ and matched my previous skills.  Everything was understandable.”

~Rain V.~


When Learning how to Ski:

Take it easy at the beginning of a ski day.

Enjoy what you already know. 

Always give yourself time to stop and think.

Don’t concentrate.

Lighten up.  Look around. 

Face what frightens you and move toward it.

Don't hurry.  Don't hesitate.

Play with gravity rather than fighting it.

Notice the shape of the land.

Let your skis and poles extend your contact with the snow.

Don't hold your breath.  Don't frown.  Don't squint.

Take it easy at the end of a ski day.