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The Alexander Technique 

was developed by F. M. Alexander, an Australian actor who lived from 1869 to 1955. Early in his career, Alexander had voice troubles that doctors could not seem to relieve. Taking matters into his own hands, Alexander worked out a method of freeing up his voice and breath. Eventually, this became a technique for freeing up his entire person. His technique has proven applicable to all kinds of human activities.    It is a way of unlearning faulty body sense in action, and of relearning how to learn.

Picture:  Alexander (right) with his friend John Dewey


I had always been trying to master the perfect turn, thinking it was one elusive thing. Now as I ski down a run, I recognize that for the snow and slope in front of me, some turns are better suited than others, but there are many choices, and the one that happens may be dictated by the conditions, or by my balance at the moment or simply by which feels most fun. The freedom to accept that those different possibilities are OK, and to not worry about failing to find the perfect turn, is a lovely awakening.

~Sheri A.~