Welcome to my poetry website.

Poetry can open unexpected glimpses into
territories of the mind that might go unnoticed
if we only plodded literally from word to word.
Like dreams, poems can leap improbably between
 images we had thought to separate and  confine.
 They are often engaged in a kind of jailbreak
out of hardened points of view.  This is what
 makes poetry a bid for freedom, and this is
 what my website hopes in its own way to 

celebrate. What I offer here is a sampling
of just two voices out of a planet raising
countless others. The two are my own
poetic voice, and that of Rainer Maria
Rilke, whom I have translated exten-
sively, and who lies buried a day's
 crow flight from  mountains pictured
here. The photographs are mostly

 mine. Explore, enjoy, and feel
 free to contact me.

Erik Bendix
  Erik Bendix's poetry    
Rainer Maria Rilke's poetry