Teachers of F.M. Alexanderís technique offer lessons rather than treatments. During a typical lesson, the teacher manually guides the student through walking, sitting, standing, or lying down, simple acts that are used to illustrate how to find freedom in any  activity. Lessons can focus on any activity of interest to the student.

In a lesson, you learn to transform rigid habits into flexible new responses. Health, stature and attitude can all suffer when we habitually shrink from what we encounter and habitually stay shrunk long after perceived threats have passed. Alexander lessons gently return us to our natural buoyancy, allowing us to expand more fully into who we are, and restoring our ability to choose freely what to do next.

The aim of this process is as much to clarify intention as it is to rectify posture, as much to regain freedom of choice as to regain freedom of movement. Body and mind are never separated. Nor is the teacherís process very different than the studentís. Both work on themselves, and rebound together.

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