Cost One 50-minute Alexander Technique lesson with Erik Bendix costs $65.   One 30-minute lesson costs $45.

Discounts If you pay for 5 lessons in advance you get 10% off.  If you pay for 10 in advance you get 15% off.  If you pay for 15 in advance you get 20% off.  These discounts are available for either 50-minute or 30-minute lessons, but not for any mixture of both time lengths.

Free lessons You get a free lesson each time you send me a new student. 

Gift certificates Gift certificates are available at the same prices as lessons.

Financial need Talk to me if you want lessons but aren't sure you can afford them.

Consultations:  Please talk things over with me before starting a course of lessons or any time you have trouble with the lessons themselves.  Consultations with me are always free of charge.

Cancellation Please call me if you need to cancel, since I may not check my e-mail in time. You will not be charged for a canceled lesson if you let me know 24 hours in advance, or if you cancel because of sudden illness or family emergency.  Otherwise, you pay the normal charges.  If I need to cancel on short notice, I owe you a free lesson.

Being on time:  Please be punctual.  If you are 15 minutes late I will call; after that you risk having to give up your appointment.   If you must leave by an exact time, let me know, since I allow extra time to finish up at the end.  It is best not to rush either the beginning or the end of a lesson.

Dress Please do not wear restrictive clothing to lessons.  This includes tight belts, tight pants or jeans, and tight collars.  Skirts and dresses do not work well for table work.  You can always bring along looser clothing to change into.

Ethics I am proud of the high ethical standards of my work, and am happy to give you copies of the professional codes of ethics I adhere to.  If I have made a mistake, offended you in any way, or if you are having difficulty with our work, I need to be told.  No matter how perceptive I am, I won't kow your perspective unless you tell it to me.  I appreciate the great trust it takes to be a recipient of this work. Please keep me informed how it is going for you.

Thank you for choosing to work with me. 

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