"After four years of lessons with Erik Bendix it is clear to me that the Alexander Technique offers a rope ladder of escape from a great deal of the misery that binds me and all of us."

"Erik has the most profound knowledge of the human body and how it works of anybody I know; he knows how to clearly impart that information to his students so that they can understand it as well."

"You were always attentive to my specific needs, and gave my needs your total attention. I am very grateful."

"As a teacher and colleague, I find Erik to be organized and insightful, generous and intelligent, with a clear, uncomplicated touch."

" Erik showed me that although the problem had something to do with me, the problem was not me."

"I have consulted alternative and complementary healthcare practitioners of all kinds for thirty years, and so it is with this background that I salute the work of Erik Bendix as outstanding. Erik has been my Alexander Technique teacher for four years and I have found him to be highly skilled, insightful, compassionate, professional. This man is a treasure."

"Erik is deep, calm, friendly, and mature. His hands are responsive, subtle, and his patience comes from deep knowledge and experience. Both Alexander and BMC trainings are complimentary and they enable him to go beyond "knowledge" into the realm of "innovation". That alone makes him exceptional. When something doesn’t work, even more grounded. I am privileged to know him."

"Through Erik’s kind and patient guidance I learned how to move in ways that relieved rather than intensified the back pain I had lived with for many years."

"Taking Alexander lessons from Erik started me on a path which is improving my life in a myriad ways; far beyond the issues of back pain I initially began the lessons for. One of the best things about his Alexander Technique lessons was the profound relaxation I experienced....I was able to become mentally freer – I found that my thoughts became more creative, and that I started having ideas and insights about personal issues in my life as well as work issues. The Alexander Technique helped me to improve my posture markedly; and to learn to move without straining my back and neck. This greatly reduced the back and neck pain and discomfort I had been dealing with for many years."


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