Alexander Technique    

 Erik Bendix is an AmSAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. He trained with Frank Ottiwell, Joan and Alex Murray, and for several months with Walter Carrington. He helped organize the 2001 AmSAT AGM, assisted Vivien Mackie’s work with musicians, and spent five years assisting on the Alexander Technique of Cincinnati training course. Inspired by Steven Shaw’s work with swimmers, he developed his own ski teaching method based on the Alexander Technique. He is among few teachers trained in both Dart Procedures and Body-Mind Centering®. Educated as an academic philosopher at Oxford and Princeton, Erik is known as a teacher of world dance traditions, is a published poet and lives with his wife in Asheville, North Carolina.  He credits the Alexander Technique with keeping him vital, flexible, and happy.


photo: Erik getting a lesson from Alexander's neice Marjorie Barlow.


Dart Procedures    






"Erik Bendix is a wonderful teacher, both in terms of the physical instruction he gives in  the lessons and in terms of his insight into how our ways of dealing with life get translated into how we use our bodies."