Each of the articles listed below are connected to Erik Bendix, though not all of them were written by him.  The introductory talk by Glynn MacDonald to a group of health professionals in Cincinnati in 2001 was organized and introduced by him.  The notes on talks given by Walter Carrington were ones he took in London at the Constructive Teaching Centre in 2000.  The article on skiing and the Alexander Technique was published in the AmSAT News  in the summer of 2006.  The article on scoliosis has not been published.


Glynn MacDonald, On Health and Wholeness

Walter Carrington, Talks on Neural Impulses, Balance, and Change

Erik Bendix, The Art of Alpine Skiing and the Alexander Technique

Erik Bendix, A Meditation on Scoliosis

Erik Bendix, What are the Dart Procedures?

Erik Bendix, Inhibition: Is it a Unified Process or Many Separate Ones?


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Alexander Technique    


Dart Procedures    







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